Sanna Persson
Sanna Persson
3D Artist

About Me

It all started when I saw the first cinematic in Warcraft 2. My dad had bought the battle chest and I had just sat down to play this verry difficult looking game (I was verry young and not a gamer yet). That first cinematic blew me away and I knew then that I wanted to make those.

Now I'm a newly hatched 3D-artist from Stockholm, Sweden. I've learnt some of my craft at Stockholm University but I'm mostly self tought. Over the years I've worked with programs such as 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Painter, Photoshop, UDK and Unity.

What I do

I work by creating a rough base mesh in a basic 3D software that is then brought over to Mudbox where I spend most of my time. I'm specialized in semi-realism and biological creatures and like to put a lot of effort into highly detailed meshes for normal maps and working anatomy.
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